vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Crazy Barefoot Marathon

Amsterdam (NH)

3 km - 5 km - 10 km - marathon

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Let op: Het loopevenement Crazy Barefoot Marathon is inmiddels verlopen.

3, 5, 10 kilometers or the full Crazy Barefoot Marathon!

On August 28 Amsterdam will host the FIRST OFFICIAL BAREFOOT MARATHON IN THE WORLD! A group of crazy runners will kick of their shoes and run the 42 kilometers on their bare feet, not in the rural areas surrounding the city, but an urban run straight through the heart of Amsterdam. They will touch all the five districts, West, South, East, North and Center. Start and finish are in the famous Vondelpark.

On August 29 everyone who wants to try a smaller barefoot distance and get acquainted with barefoot running is invited to the Vondelpark. Get familiar with the natural way of running by participating in a run over 3, 5 or 10 km. Or just come by and get inspired by the stories of the more experienced barefoot runners. Check out the feet of the marathon runners of the previous day....

Running barefoot, or natural running, means getting rid of old habits (like running on your heels) and adjusting to a new running style. A style that is efficient and makes you into a more conscious/mindfull runner. Barefoot running can be very healthy and satisfying but it takes time and effort to acquire the skills and adjust your body.
Following a clinic or taking some classes from experienced bare foot teachers can be recommended. And its fun at the same time.
Check out the Facebook page of Barefoot running coach Ruth Langemeijer (FeeTback-Amsterdam), 0640766893, feetbackamsterdam@gmail.com


Partcipation to events on August 28 and 29 is free of any charge. We will ask you to give a voluntary contribution to a good cause, to be made public at a later date. All revenues of the event will go to this cause.


For logisitic purposes and to schedule the runs we need to know how many people will participate. So...even though you are free to run whenever and wherever you want, we will ask you politely to register beforehand. Registration starts at MARCH 1St!

You can click on join/deelnemen in facebook now and we will keep you updated. No strings attached....


- August 28
Crazy Barefoot Marathon!
Start in the morning (time to be determind later) in the Vondelpark. There will be several 'coaches' on bikes guiding you along. They will show the route, provide nutritions, cheer you along, and act as medical assistant and 'bezemwagen' if need be. This marathon is definitely about the experience, not about the time...You can join if you are capable of running a full marathon (obviously) and if you are a trained barefooter. You can get barefoot running training in preparation to the marathon.

- August 29
A barefoot gathering in the Vondelpark!
Of course the highlight of the day is running barefoot...but this day is also about meeting likeminded people, enjoying healthy food, music, and simply having fun in the park.
To make sure eveyone has space enough to run like crazy we will have a limited number of starting tickets and will run in small groups. We have selected the following distances for you:
- 3km 'rondje Vondelpark'
- 5km Vondelpark + PC Hooftstraat. Barefoot through the most expensive shopping street of Amsterdam!
- 10 km ...to be determind later.
- Kids run on the gras.
Exact times will be made public later but we schedule the runs in late morning early afternoon.

In Centrum Roos in the Vondepark there is a special Crazy Barefoot Room where you can register, change clothes, go to the toilets, get a massage and get First Aid assistance


The Crazy Barefoot Marathon is organised by Dave Hardy with the help of FeeTback-Amsterdam and others. Dave Hardy got barefoot inspiration after running the 2014 New York Marathon barefeet.
You can contact him through facebook or at zweefdeef@gmail.com

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Er zijn meer dan 70 Nederlandse records behaald met deze methode! Ook uitstekend voor beginnende hardlopers! Lees verder over het Duurloopmisverstand

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